Time Sample

Tim Sample
Licensed Avatar Master/Wizard



"What you think of as an impossible dream might be reasonable if you thought differently."
-- Harry Palmer
                                                     Author of the Avatar Materials


Avatar came into my life and rocked my world!  I did the Avatar course a few years ago, and now my life is a sweet, exciting journey.  I have made connections with people from all over the planet that are so real and present.  I have laughed more in the past two years than i have laughed in my whole life!!!

Now having the Avatar tools, I warmly welcome challenges into my life--and the bigger the challenge, the better! Who says I can't make all my dreams a reality? 

I am ready to live my life.  I feel confident and strong in where i am going.  I am contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.  Life is sweet.


Please contact me for more information.

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