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Dev Kirn and Shakti Khalsa

"Each moment you are happy is a
gift to the rest of the world."

-- Harry Palmer

Shakti Khalsa
Licensed Avatar


Shakti Khalsa

"Now I know that I am the creator of these beliefs.
I no longer feel powerless to change them.
I have the tools to discreate them with ease."

The following interview can be found in the
Fall 2000 Avatar Journal, Vol. 14 Iss. 4.

      Born in New York City, a child of the 60's, I spent the 70's travelling to India and then living in an international spiritual community practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation. In the 80's, I expanded beyond the now too small definitions of that spiritual community to work in the world as a restoration carpenter and active supporter of women's issues.
      Discovering Avatar was a dream come true, the ability to have a spiritual life in the world. I now delivers Avatar in Austin, Tx and other places to all who are ready expand beyond their current definitions of self. I can be contacted at the Gratitude Avatar Center in Austin, Tx at 512-447-8560 or 888-447-8560.

      AJ: How did you discover Avatar?
      Shakti: In 1994, I made a deliberate decision to move from the East coast to Austin, TX. Having grown in New York City, Austin was the most beautiful, warm and friendly place I'd ever been. Austin has a reputation for being a fun place where young people go to retire. I thought that I fit the profile. But there was trouble in paradise. After 25 years of spiritual searching, I still didn't know who I was or what my purpose was in paradise.
       Then one day an Avatar Journal arrived in the mail. My partner read it and I didn't. Her excited response, to my surprise was, "This is it. Avatar is what I've been searching for. I'm going to do the Avatar Course!" I wasn't ready.
       Over the following months, I watched as her life changed dramatically for the better. I even encouraged my friends to do the Avatar Course. I still wasn't ready. The she went to the Master Course. Upon her return, she said, "I have a primary, 'I am happy.' Do you want to be happy?" The tears came as I realized that I had never even considered being happy in my life. I had created a life of resistance. I was certain what I didn't want, but had no idea of what I truly wanted in my life.
      We spent a few hours together doing exercises from ReSurfacing. I felt tremendous relief... One week later I was on my first Avatar Course.

      AJ: How did your life change after Avatar?
      Shakti: Prior to the Avatar Course I had tried many techniques to quiet my mind. At times it was a three ring circus.
      In Section II of the Avatar Course, there is an exercise that enabled me to increase my awareness and connect with everyone and everything. In that moment, I achieved what I had been longing for for 25 years, the experience of a quiet mind.
       For many years prior to Avatar, I struggled with anger and depression. I felt it was out of my control. I had tried to process it, restructure it, put it on the side, and even put it behind me. But still I carried it through my life. With Avatar I discovered the beliefs that were creating the anger and depression. They had been transparent to me. Now I know that I am the creator of these beliefs. I no longer feel powerless to change them. I have the tools to discreate them with ease.

      AJ: What do you feel is special about Avatar?
      Shakti: For me, the magic of Avatar is its simplicity. So many of us (myself included) have lived life through the belief that anything of value comes from struggle, that "no pain no gain" thing.
       I feel as if we are now in a very accelerated time on the planet. Many people are discovering the value of meditation. They experience peace during meditation, yet find it difficult to experience peace in the world. There is a separation between the spiritual world and the material world (actually an ancient spiritual belief).
       What I love anout the Avatar tools is that everyone has the ability to be happy to live in the world and have a spiritual life. You actuall begin to experience life as a meditation. The result I see is people become more at ease with taking responsibility for their lives.

      AJ: What is the most interesting or rewarding part of delivering Avatar?
      Shakti: Each and every time I am with an Avatar student who has come face to face with a difficult life situation that they thought would never change and through the compassion of Avatar are freed from the past, I experience a miracle.
       Recently, I had the honor of having my parents participate in the ReSurfacing workshop. They are respectfully 70 and 80 years of age. Prior to the workshop I had held them in the limitation, "perhaps they're too old to change." To my surprise they were not the most senior students on the course (the oldest was 88). We were all so excited by the insights and gains they made from ReSurfacing.

      AJ: What do you see as your role in assisting planetary transformation?
      Shakti: When I was a child I always knew there was something more to life than what was being presented.
       The theme that was running through my life was to find a way to make the world a better place. But I never knew how I could make a difference. Why was I here?
       The idea of service to humanity was just that, "an idea."
      I realize now that it's not revolution but evolution that will create planetary transformation, one being at a time realizing their full potential. I am very excited to be a part of this process. Being an Avatar Master in the world is about taking full responsibility for my life, not blaming others. It's creating the life I want and assisting others to do the same. There are many paths all with the same goal: peace of mind. I see the momentum building for Avatar to spread throughout the world as we all become more willing to take full responsibility for our lives. It's the end of separation created by belief systems and I am grateful to be of service in the creation of peace of mind on the planet.

If you are looking for peace of mind, I would love to assist you...

Dev Kirn Khalsa
Licensed Avatar Master/Wizard
(512) 447-7460
(800) 492-8827

Dev Kirn Khalsa

The following interview can be found in the
Summer 2002 Avatar Journal, Vol. 16 Iss. 3.

       I have been a professional Avatar Master since 1995. I live in Austin, Texas and deliver with my partner Shakti Khalsa at the international Avatar courses and cooperative Avatar courses in Austin and around the world. You can contact me at 800-492-8827, 512-447-7460 or by email at

      AJ: What interested you in Avatar?
      Dev Kirn: My life's dream has been to find a group of people working and growing together to create a caring, compassionate, and sane world. I walked down many paths, turned over many stones, and took on many different belief systems, but none of them really created the dream I was looking for. I wanted to connect with people who were truly working to create something bigger than themselves. I found that in The Avatar Course and the Star's Edge network.
        When I read Living Deliberately I could feel what Harry Palmer was saying; he called it an EPC, an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I experienced a renewed excitement about life and all of its possibilities. Now I can say that what I was dreaming of is not only possible, it is creating.

      AJ: How have you seen the Avatar network grow?
      Dev Kirn: I have been an Avatar Master since 1995. When I first took The Avatar Course the idea that beliefs create experience was not commonly held. Today, that concept permeates the world. The Avatar classes are now filled with people from every culture, age, race, and class. So many books have been written about enlightenment, changing your beliefs and designing your own life that there are now more people seeking to be empowered and in charge of their own destiny. They now believe it is possible. I see that the Avatar tools take them from the concept into the experience, and I feel them enjoying that same renewed excitement about life that I experienced eight years ago.
        One of the biggest and most exciting ways I have seen the network grow is with the creation of the international Avatar courses. This is where the aligned team experience really comes to life. The combined energies of 100 Masters and 100 students all with the powerful intention to create a better life for themselves and a better world for everyone is magnificent. I see lifetime friendships forming across cultural barriers, limitations falling away, and human beings really caring for one another. With such a compassionate team and so much assistance, the Avatar students are certain of success and a deep level of integration of the tools of Avatar in their lives.

      AJ: What is your most memorable Avatar experience?
      Dev Kirn: Being a Master is so rewarding. Recently I was working with a student who was having difficulty taking responsibility for the circumstances of her life. She was struggling to be honest with herself, she wasn't able to trust others, and she didn't feel safe. I was deeply touched by her willingness to perservere through the uncertainty and to begin to trust herself and the Avatar tools. I watched in amazement as the days passed, and she began to feel more related, more connected and truly alive - perhaps for the first time in her life. In these precious moments I feel certain that these powerful tools can work for anyone who is willing and has the intention to create a better life.

      AJ: What is your role in planetary transformation?
      Dev Kirn: Recently I was reminded of the book Hundredth Monkey, by Ken Keyes, Jr. In short, when a critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness will be naturally communicated to all in consciousness. Since the events of September 11, I feel that my role now, more importantly than ever, is to assist others to have certainty that beliefs create experience. When enough of us are certain that we create what we believe, and when we know that what is outside of us is only a reflection of what we hold inside, then the separation can truly fall away. Then everyone will experience that they are the source of their own lives, and they can create what they prefer.

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